Delicious food from the heart

Hi! I'm Rebecca. Welcome to my crazy world of growing my own on our small plot. Yes it's not quite a quarter acre, but our dream was to own a "quarter acre". In many places this is becoming impossible, so while we have these lofty dreams we need to base our reality on what we have. Our 725m squared section allows us to grow a variety of delicious edibles from many variations of berries, plums, peaches, feijoas, lemons, and limes and we have 8 beds for vegetables that currently are growing courgettes, lettuces, a range of herbs, tomatoes, cucumbers, peas and beans with pumpkins and corn coming up. While the dream is to be self sufficient it almost seems like a very unrealistic dream. Instead our goal is to grow as many of the veges we normally eat. For example what would you have in a salad? This is what we aim to grow. This feels very attainable and means we can spend more time looking after our garden beds, without spraying harmful chemicals and ruining our soil. Join me on Facebook and Instagram to see what I regularly get up to.  


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